Better day-to-day

Smoother operations and processing
Minimise errors, case exceptions and broken communications between financial institutions

Correspondent Banking as a Service

Edhanced compliance

Correspondent Banking as a Service

Improved margins and customer experience
Reduce your payment operations and compliance costs and boost customer satisfaction and volumes

Efficient sustainable growth

Correspondent Banking as a Service

Better risk management and control
Strengthen risk management through transaction-by-transaction analysis and control

Improved margins

Correspondent Banking as a Service

Clearer focus and sustainable growth
Reduce time to market when engaging with new counterparties and diversifying your portfolio

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Enabling correspondent banking partnerships, one transaction at a time

The problem
Banks, financial institutions and other payment/financial service providers often struggle to establish smooth and transparent relationships due to time-consuming manual processing and complex transaction chains.

Because banks are unable to easily and accurately assess transaction risks, relationships are traditionally based on trust. This results in missed opportunities for profitable business relationships with new partners. Until now.

The promise
TenureX is an innovative platform that eliminates the constraints of bilateral, relationship-based banking. With TenureX, financial counterparties can cooperate seamlessly and confidently, one transaction at a time.

Transforming the correspondent banking experience

TenureX enables banks and all types of financial institutions to build and streamline their relationships with current and future banking partners. This is done using an innovative, reliable and controlled network and a data-first approach.

The platform provides enriched objective information about wire transfers, enabling structured execution based on pre-agreed compliance and risk rule setting between banks and their partners.

Benefits of the TenureX platform

Smoother operations

Unified, objective data view

Reduced internal frictions and costs

Straightforward digital processes

Fast setup thanks to simple API integration

Reduced risk

Data driven decision making

An X-Ray view of each transfer before exposure

Enriched data about each involved party

An external, scalable framework that helps filter out noise

Business growth

Access to new volumes, relationships, and partners

Improved offering for banks

Reduced time to market for setting up clearing accounts

Improved customer retention and experience

Our partners

Data Providers

Compliance Collaborators

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Technology partners

Start safely building new relationships
and growing your volumes today

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For additional information about the correspondent banking landscape and the need for new solutions, check the resources below.

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