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Connect with new banking
partners and safeguard
your customers’ funds

Many financial institutions are often excluded from traditional correspondent banking services. Many banks are reluctant to form relationships with foreign banks or financial institutions. For newer or fintech-oriented financial institutions, forming new relationships is almost impossible.

By joining TenureX’s platform via simple use of a web portal or an API integration, smaller banks and other financial institutions can:

  • Easily connect with new banking partners
  • Offer better service for their customers
  • Enjoy zero failure risk when forming new relationships
  • Gain control over, and diversify their corresponding banking relationships

TenureX helps financial institutions:

Connect to multiple banks and corridors through a straightforward onboarding process

Open new corridors and customer segregated accounts

Manage multiple relationships on a single digital platform

Offer customers multi-currency accounts and cross-border transfers

Reduce onboarding and account approval risk of new banks

Create a transparent, objective record of wire transfers

Reduce transfer failure risk, grow customer trust, and build their brands

Lower operational costs and scale up their revenues

Open multiple accounts through one simple process

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