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Unlock your bank’s full potential

Many banks are not making full use of their ability to offer cross-border transactional banking and institutional banking services to other local or foreign financial institutions. This is because forming and maintaining relationships with other financial institutions requires manual, costly and time-consuming onboarding and monitoring processes. Because of mounting costs, onerous checks for onboarding, and compliance and reputational risks, banks often choose to de-risk. This can mean lost opportunities.

By joining TenureX’s platform via simple use of a web portal or an API integration, banks and other financial institutions can:

  • Easily onboard new customers
  • Focus on business and growth
  • Simplify their operations and reduce costs

TenureX helps banks:

Build and manage relationships with multiple partners on a single digital platform

Onboard new customers in days instead of months

Receive rich and verified data about each transaction in real-time

Make objective decisions using data and machine learning predictions

Select customers after reviewing standardized due diligence reports

Prevent the misuse of customer accounts

Configure accounts to automatically accept predefined transaction characteristics

Automate their risk appetite model to easily identify safe transactions

Automatically receive comprehensive data on each customer transaction

Lower costs, improve margins, and scale up exponentially

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