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Increase Your Access to Transactions

TenureX’s engagement platform takes the data provided on each of the transactions generated and offers it on one, simple to use digital dashboard where members can track and manage their transactional or institutional banking relationships. Using a permission based approach, members can initiate new relationships, send, accept and reject a transaction based on a pre-setup of a their unique risk appetite.

With the engagement platform, members can start offering transactional banking services to various financial institutions using one single simple -to -use application.

Straight Through Processing based on Transactional Matching

The more a member uses the platform, the better TenureX can get to know its risk and business appetite and begin “matchmaking”. TenureX’ self-learning engine will automatically begin matching new transaction inventory and potential new business that suits its pre-agreed risk to reward appetite.

Members will be able to automate the accept-reject processes and receive an objective understanding of each transaction available at any given moment. By being presented with new, secure opportunities, members can now scale up transactional banking and cross-border business without adding any risk and be able to create fruitful relationships with financial institutions.
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