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Empower your core-banking capabilities

Many banks are not taking full advantage of their ability to offer cross-border transactional banking and banking services to financial institutions.

Small traditional banks are losing customers to FinTech challengers.

Opening and maintaining complex relationships with financial institutions often requires manual and costly on-boarding and monitoring processes. This process can take months and it usually leads to missed expectations, compliance risks, reputational risks and eventually de- risking the customers with a loss to the bank.

One on-boarding. Multiple customers.
Zero compliance risk.

By plugging in TenureX, banks can on-board new customers in days, setup their risk appetite model and prevent the misuse of accounts, receive comprehensive and verified data on each transfer sent in & out of the account, and fully manage the relationships on a single, digital platform.

Connectivity is the key for financial inclusion

Today, banks and financial institutions are required to serve borderless and complex relationships, while still operating on legacy systems and adhering to even stricter compliance requirements.

This means that:

Relationships are based on human trust and organizational status, Parties bear high cost and risk when opening accounts. Operations are not executed in real-time, delaying or even stunting the ability to engage. Ninety percent of work is done manually, leaving much room for errors.

TenureX delivers a new way to manage complex relationships:

  • Pick and choose your customers after reviewing a standardized due diligence report
  • Pick and choose your customers after reviewing a standardized due diligence report
  • Preset the accounts to accept predefined set of transactional characteristics
  • Receive rich and verified data on each transaction in real-time
  • Manage your relationships on a single digital platform
  • Choose to automate up to a full STP model
  • Take decisions using objective data and machine learning predictions

Early detection of opportunities while avoiding potential risk

  • Connect to multiple, global financial institutions
  • Reduce the time to onboard and open an account to days instead of months
  • Automate your risk-appetite model to easily identify safe transactions
  • Synchronize processes and automatically receive comprehensive data on each of your customer’s transactions
  • Lower monitoring costs, mitigate risks and scale up exponentially

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