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Empowering Transactional Banking, One Transaction at a Time

A world of secure financial inclusion and engagement

TenureX optimizes engagement between banks, financial institutions, and their partners by offering superior reward vs. risk management based on a digital X-Ray view of each transaction.

TenureX unlocks opportunities and unleashes frictionless engagement between financial institutions.

Receive deep, rich, and verified data about each transaction

The TenureX platform uses a standardized set of rules to seamlessly connect its members, while providing comprehensive and verified data about each transaction.

TenureX empowers frictionless, transparent, multilateral banking relationships based on transactions.

Get the full picture and take actions without risks

From identifying banking partners to deeply understanding and growing your business, TenureX is about building sustainable relationships, growing revenues, and controlling risks.

TenureX creates successful and long-term banking relationships within days.

Seamlessly interact with new prospects and industries

TenureX is transforming the way decisions are made in the world’s biggest market: Transactional Banking

Our mission is to deliver a new way to manage complex, cross-border banking relationships on a single, digital platform operating on a secured cloud.

Safely unleash your banking capabilities

Encounter, test and deploy new banking relationships faster then ever
Build fruitful long-term relationships with financial institutions
Seek new currency corridors and transactional banking services
Protect you bank from risk while adding and proliferating new volumes
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